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"Scale-up Basics for Formulators and Process Engineers"
Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine, May 2011

This article aims to help novice formulators understand issues that arise from the scale-up of their recipes, and to remind experienced formulators of some of the less common pitfalls. It also focuses on the unique demands of process development for global implementation at multiple sites, specifically pertaining to the scale-up tasks for process engineers at multinational companies. << Read the full article >>

"Effects of Processing on the Rheological Behavior of Emulsions"
Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine, July 1978

This article discusses the effect of mixing parameters on emulsion rheology and vice versa during scale-up. It further touches on heating and cooling differences in batch vs. continuous processing and the different crystalline structures that often result. Examples of shear and homogenization on product viscosity are also given and how they may fit into the process during new product development. << Read the full article >>


Water Dispersible Petroleum Jelly Compositions
• United States Patent 4,832,858
• Issued February 19, 1987
• Inventors: Vishnupad; Mohan (Monroe, CT), Ramirez; Jose E. (Trumbull, CT), Bornfriend; Robert A. (Ridgefield, CT)
A stable, water dispersible petroleum jelly formulation, which is an oil-in-water emulsion, is described which comprises water, petroleum jelly, optional humectant, and emulsifier. The composition is formed by ultrasonically emulsifying the various components which will ultimately form the emulsion.

Process for Catalyst Materials of Increased Pore Volume and Pore Diameter
• United States Patent 4,022,715
• Issued May 10, 1977
• Inventor: Robert Alan Bornfriend (Ridgefield, CT)
A process for producing molded catalyst materials of increased pore volume and pore diameter which comprises incorporating a blowing agent in the composition from which they are molded.

Mix-mulling Process for Improved Hydrotreating Catalyst and Resulting Product
• United States Patent 3,872,030
• Issued March 18, 1975
• Inventors: Feins; Irvin Ralph (Westport, CT), Bornfriend; Robert Alan (Norwalk, CT)
A mix-mulling process for a hydrodesulfurization catalyst composite is given wherein an alumina powder is mulled with promoter sources in conjunction with urea, is extruded, is dehydrated, and is activated to provide composites of improved activity.